10 Healthy & Cheap Foods To Gain Weight


I’m a huge fan of cheese, and it happens to be an amazing supplement food to put on extra weight. It’s calorie rich and full of good stuff like calcium. It’s a viable protein source for you vegetarians out there, and it’s easy to add to most dishes by means of shredding or sprinkling.

Like all other fatty foods, it’s definitely something to enjoy with a bit of moderation.Cheddar cheese, for example, has 400 calories in a 100 gram serving, and that includes 100% of your daily recommended intake of saturated fat; fantastic energy density per serving, but not the best thing to binge on!

It is, however, delicious, nutritious, easy to add to any recipe and relatively inexpensive, so it’s a weight gain supplement food that you should definitely add to your repertoire.


Try to get yourself some sort of eating schedule. The downfall of many skinny people is just not eating enough. A schedule or meal plan is a huge help in packing on some weight by intentionally adding extra meals in.

Your body will take time to adjust to a more consistent meal schedule, and more frequent snacking. That’s normal. Try to stick with it even if you’re not super hungry.

Drinking lots of water is important when you eat more. Water helps move the nutrients around your body, and will provide a bit of supplementary mass in the form of water weight. Be sure to keep hydrated.

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