5 Biceps Tips That Build Size No Matter Your Level Of Experience!

Routine To Get Ripped

This workout hits all areas of your biceps, including your forearms. Supersets boost the intensity of your training, and the session calls for a slightly higher rep range that will enrage your biceps pump. The seated curls are done through a shortened range of motion, and can hence be done after the full-range standing curls.

Choose a weight with which you reach muscle failure by the target rep listed. You’ll use the same weight on all three sets. Take each set to muscle failure. Do hammer curls with both arms simultaneously; do one-arm curls by alternating arms. Superset the pairs of exercises noted, resting only after you complete both moves.

Beginner’s Workout

When training biceps, it’s all about the curl. We’ve included three variations in this workout, starting with one that you can probably use the most weight with. With the last movement, try it both ways—curling both arms simultaneously one set, and alternating arms the next—to see which you prefer.

Choose a weight at which you almost reach muscle failure, but don’t go to failure during your first month. The first two movements are done pyramid-style, increasing the weight after the first set for fewer reps.

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