Build Big Round Delts That Make Your Good Lifts Even Better

Warm-Up 3: Arm Circles:
2 sets of 10 reps forward and backward

It’s really important to warm up before you begin this workout. Aside from spending some time on the treadmill, warm up my rotator cuff by doing internal and external shoulder rotations and arm circles.

Your shoulders are involved in pretty much every exercise you do, so it’s imperative to keep them healthy.

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1: Seated Military Press:
Warm-up set: 2 sets of 6 reps
Working sets: 3 sets of 6 reps
Rest: 1-2 minutes between sets

When I don’t have a spotter, I do seated military presses inside a power rack. Use the warm-up sets to set up the correct movement pattern and work up to your heavy weight. You’ve only got six reps per set, so that means you get to pile on the plates!

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