Progressive Overload Training & Why It’s The Principle for Muscle Growth

Have you looked in the mirror lately, disappointed at what you see? You’ve been working out regularly, lifting weights, completing your reps and sets, only to not see results? What if we told you, you could be working out all wrong to meet your gains goal? That a simple technique called progressive overload could be all that’s in your way of loving your physique?

What is progressive overload, you ask? There are a lot of misconceptions about progressive overload, mainly that lifting more weight equals better gains. While this may be true for some body types, it’s not true for all. There are several methods of progressive overload you can use to see results.

Before we get into the methodology of progressive overload, let’s dive into the history of how this concept came to be. Using progressive overload methodologies can help you bust through plateaus and meet your fitness goals. Never sacrifice form to add more weight, reps or sets, regardless of how seasoned a lifter you are.

By increasing reps, sets, volume, and frequency, or reducing the rest time between sets, you can improve your PR. Beginners will see quick results using these methods while experienced lifters may take some time.

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